Will He Take The Pain Away?

im weakened
what is religion?

today i saw many persons' inside of their own hearts,who believe in some religion.
i was forced to think too much,
everyone's insistence made me get tired.
it was very difficult for me to understand their minds cuz i dont believe any religion
however i believed before that religion can help people
i thought that just i dont know how, but some religion can make people happy
now i dont think so
everyone who believes in god is hurting
and they all hurt me, make my mind changed and confused

im sorry i dont know well anyone u guys,
but thanks to it i could listen to your each voice of heart objectively
each of you said to me,"i did right thing, i was hurt and i knew the truth."
but no one told me he/she also could do wrong
someone said everyone has a good aspect and a bad one
yea i think so too
everyone is good person who can have evil sometimes
but no one talked me her/his bad aspect today
just blamin someone

doesnt any religion exist only to make people aware of their bad aspect?
doesnt any religion exist only to make people forgive others?
doesnt any religion exist only to love each other?
im confusin
and i think
there is god in each one's heart (even if i dont call it god)
no one can mention other's god
no need to share one god cause everyone has own god
pray alone to your own god
pray and thank quiet
no need to gather to pray
why are there many religions all over the world which make groups?
i cant understand
im confusing
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